Risk Management Network

Empowering evangelicals to serve the Lord through biblical security principles and best practices.


at developing relationships across nearly every public and private sector, to include identifying Evangelicals in seats of leadership and influence.


in its ethos and operation by building and maintaining the trust of its members with each other and the network. 


providing its members with the best security information and resources in a timely manner.


ensuring the like-minded participation that empowers the Great Commission through security networking.


Frequently Asked Questions

Members of various organizations often work in close proximity to one another on the field and thus face the same security challenges.  At one time it was not unusual for confidential details about specific security incidents to become widely known.  As a result, members and leaders of organizations began holding back information that might save lives.  This gave rise to a general lack of trust among like-minded organizations regarding security information.  In 2008 the security leaders of several evangelical organizations began to consider how trust might be restored to enhance security.  The Risk Management Network (RMN) was established at a meeting in March 2009 and incorporated in 2018.

Membership in the network is open to leaders within the evangelical mission community (sending agencies, schools, and churches) who focus on the disciplines of Risk Management, Crisis Management, Global Security, Cyber Security, and Physical Security. The RMN is a network of individuals, not organizations.

The RMN is built upon the trust that comes from relationships.
  1. Please use the "Contact Us" form HERE for approval to complete a membership application.
  2. We will look into who you know, and who knows you from within the RMN community in order to establish trust.
  3. You will be invited to attend a conference as a guest where you will have an opportunity to meet RMN leadership and further develop relationships.
  4. If approved for membership, you will be asked to submit an Application and sign the Covenant of Trust.  This can be done via email or in person at the conference.

Membership is $250 annually.  Additional fees for conference attendance are Members and 1st-Time Guests $250, Member and spouse $350.

Conferences are held in March and September each year at various venues within the continental United States.  Conference attendance is by invitation only.


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